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Divine Mercy Retreat Centre
 Elavur, Tamil Nadu

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http://leedsunitedtrust.com/all-news/trust-cast-17-katherine-hannah/ A BRIEF HISTORY:

Vincentian Congregation (VC) was founded by Fr. Varkey in 1904 at Thottakam, in Kerala. The Vincentian Congregation began to grow steadily and the members of the Congregation began working for the people of Kerala for their spiritual as well as material advancement by undertaking programmes of spiritual renewal (preaching retreat) and development works. Today the members of this congregation are working in different parts of India, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, W. Bengal and Union Territory of Delhi. .

Since a few years Vincentian Fathers have been working also in East Africa, U.S.A, Canada, England, Germany, Australia, Austria, Italy etc. The Vincentian Congregation is having three provinces under which there are 3 Regions and 2 missions.

The Congregation is mainly involved in Pastoral, educational and social work programmes. The main and specific thrust of its programmes is to work among the poor. Many of our programmes are rural based. Besides preaching the Word of God through Popular Mission Retreats, retreat centres and electronic and print media, we are conducting educational institutions, technical training centres, orphanages, village development programmes etc.


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http://argentineproductions.com/project/manassas-national-battlefield-park/your-url-goes-here  DIVINE MERCY RETREAT CENTRE, ELAVUR

can you buy phentermine in australia                 It was in 2005 that St. Joseph Province of the Vincentian Congregation bought 37 acres of Land at Elavur village in Gummudipoondi Taluk, Thiruvallur district with the purpose of various missions. The first and the most important mission we started at Elavur was DIVINE MERCY RETREAT CENTRE.

 From 2005 October, Residential Retreats, Night Vigils, One day prayers etc started  to be conducted in Elavur in temporary sheds. Every month 3-4 residential retreats are conducted. All the retreats conducted here are free. Accommodation and food are given freely.100 people can be easily accommodated for residential retreats here. On First Saturday of Every month there is whole night vigil. And On Third Sunday of every month, One Day Divine Mercy Family Fellowship is conducted.

 Every year, Divine Mercy Feast is celebrated solemnly. Thousands of devotees arrive here for it from different parts of India. Special trains are arranged every year from Chennai central to Elavur during the days of Divine Mercy Feast and Convention.

  • All the retreats conducted here are free. Accommodation and food is given freely.
  • 100 people can be easily accommodated for retreats here.
  • Anybody can attend theses retreats irrespective of caste, religion, sex, age etc
  • Inner Healing retreats are conducted here every month. God’s Love and Mercy, God’s healing power, the necessity of Faith etc are reflected in the first level of the retreat. In the second level, the retreatant is prepared to make a sacramental confession with a repentant heart. At the end of it, there is a meaningful solemn celebration of the Holy Mass. In the third stage, the retreatant is strengthened with Word of God to live his faith in his life situations. There are reflections on Family life, Suffering, Prayer life, Sacraments, Role of Mother Mary, Inner wounds etc. Towards the end of it, there is an inner healing session with the Eucharistic Lord. In the last and the Fourth level, there is the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  • Through these retreats, lots of people give up their bad habits and sinful lives. Many people get miraculous physical healings. Many receive interior peace and Joy through the Inner healing and anointing sessions. Lot of people changes their lives into spiritual with the grace of God.
  • There is a team of preachers and counselors under the leadership of priests.
  • An intercessory group prays everyday continuously in front of the Eucharistic Jesus.
  • First Saturday of every month, there is night vigil. People are from far and near take advantage of this graceful occasion.
  • During night vigil, there is preaching of the Word of God, Praise and Worship, Deliverance prayers, Healing Adorations, Holy Mass etc.
  • Black coffee with bun/biscuits is provided to all during the middle break of the vigil.
  • On Third Sunday of every month, One Day Divine Mercy Family Fellowship is conducted. Anybody can come and participate in it with or without family.
  •  Lunch is provided freely to all.
  •  As part of the One Day Prayer, there is Preaching of the Word of God, Holy Mass and Divine Mercy Adoration.
  • Every year, the Feast of Divine Mercy that falls on first Sunday after Easter, is celebrated very meaningfully and gracefully.
  • We have a Bible Convention in preparation for the Feast. Friday and Saturday prior to the Divine Mercy Sunday is set apart for Bible Convention.
  • On the Feast day, there is special Solemn Holy Mass , preaching on the Mercy of God, Blessing of the Divine Mercy Images, Solemn adoration of the Eucharist with Divine Mercy Chaplet, Consecrating the whole crowd to Divine Mercy etc
  • On those 3 days, thousands of people come and special train facilities also are arranged
  • All the devotees are given free lunch on those 3 days.
  • There are 34 rooms with attached toilets. Each room can accommodate 3-4 persons.
  • Few air conditioned rooms are given on payment.
  • Tea, coffee, cool drinks, snacks are available in the stall.
  •  Pious articles like varities of Rosaries, lockets, rings, statues, key chains, pictures are available at the bookstall. Lots of spiritual books both in English and Tamil are also can be bought from here.

http://roosevelts21st.com/wp-content/uploads/alterna/alterna-styles.css?ver=73 VINCENTIAN MINOR SEMINARY

In 2015, June the minor seminary was opened and started functioning for the formation of students aspiring to become a priest in the Vincentian Congregation. Students from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and other parts of India are there as candidates. Here the first year of minor seminary will be operated.

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The phentermine mexico re are various ministries in the master plan of the land. They are the following.

OLD AGE HOME FOR DESTITUTES : (To be realized 2015-2016)

This is a free home meant for the old parents or aged persons who are abandoned by their children.  The capacity may be up to 500. Separate sections for both men and women.  Holy Father has declared the year 2015 December 8 – 2016 November 20 as the Year of Mercy. We are planning to begin this home of Mercy during the year of Mercy.

SENIOR CITIZEN’S HOME: (To be realized in 2016-2017)

This is a home for the retired and the senior citizens who want to spend their rest of life in a spiritual and prayerful atmosphere and in peaceful and serene surroundings.

HOME FOR THE ORPHANS : (To be realized in 2018-2019)

This may be a home for all who do not have anybody. They may be children or grown up.  

CBSE School/ Arts College / Computer College (To be realized in 2016-2018)

This is an attempt to improve the life of the people through Education.

A HOSPITAL : (To be realized in 2016-2019)

To avail medical facility for the inmates and people of the locality, and to give the healthcare, a Hospital is to be started.